Aline Morales

Aline MoralesA percussionist and singer, Aline is a natural talent and a powerful presence on stage. Born in Belo Horizonte, Brasil, her introduction to Afro-Brazilian rhythms began in her early teens with capoeira. In her group, Raizes Cordão de Ouro, she distinguished herself as an able musician, singer, and a dancer in maculelê choreographies.

Early in 1999, she was introduced to Maracatu by percussionist Eder Rocha from the band Mestre Ambrosio. Aline later went on to become an apprentice to Lenis Reno, artistic director of Maracatu Trovao das Minas. In recent years Aline has played in the traditional Marcatu Nação Estrela Brilhante do Recife, of whom the master is the renowned Mestre Walter de França. In Carnival 2003, Aline became the first woman to play snare drum in the Maracatus of Recife. During her time in Recife, Aline was able to make the acquaintance and work with many people in the city’s vast musical landscape. In her hometown she taught Maracatu to underprivileged children, and started a “Kid’s Baque.”

Aline was also a key member of Elefante Groove, a groundbreaking percussive orchestra that draws influences from Brazilian and African rhythms as well as modern beats and melodies. As a core member of Elefante Groove, Aline played alfaia, and opened shows for, among others, Jorge Ben Jor, Manu Chow, Otto, and Mundo Livre S/A. Her artistic career also includes performances with the circus group Trampulin and Spasso Escola Popular de Circo, both as a musician and site animator. In Belo Horizonte she has performed on projects with members of the group Uakti. IT t was in mid 2002 that Aline decided to move to Toronto and found her own Maracatu percussion group. An able and gifted teacher, she now leads the group as well as teaches the regular workshop series.

In the short time that Aline has been in Toronto, she has worked and collaborated with percussionist Allan Hetherington from Tasa and the Escola de Samba de Toronto, and Rick Lazar, artistic director of Samba Squad and the Montuno Police. She currently is the vocalist in a new project with Toronto's Nick Brownman Ali, Permatucoes.

Aline conducting a baque of kids.                                                          Aline with Mestre Walter